Pure Quality Fitness Weight LossLife brings about changes and those changes often impede upon our “me time.”  Too many clients have expressed this to us as they find themselves cutting down the amount of time they spend training, to meet the obligations of working extra hours or family and school schedules. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition is important.  For those clients who could not find time to meet us for training sessions, we referred them to online training options.  Clients have contacted us with questions and complaints concerning their online training experiences and requested our help. After review of our clients’ feedback and our personal interaction with online fitness platforms, we answered their requests and developed our OWN online personal training program ~ The Pure Quality Fit Club 

The Pure Quality Fit Club

There are a ton of online training options offered today.  This is due to the number of people who need flexible schedules in their life.  But besides a flexible schedule, what else does and online fitness program offer you?  How can you determine if a program is right for you and will help you meet your fitness goals? We have solved your issues…no need to look further!

Where Do I Start?

Is this a virtual program that gives me a bunch of videos and pictures to figure out my fitness plan for myself?  I tried a few online programs and I never know where to start.  Which video or guide will help me personally?


We do not give you access to 100+ exercise videos from various fitness gurus and label it an online training program. Just like your in-person training with us, you will receive an assessment. We use Zoom, Skype or Duo to define your current fitness level.  Next, we design a program to help you meet your fitness goals. You start with us – not videos! Schedule your FREE pre-assessment conference call with our personal trainer today!

Will I Have Time?

With family, work, school and other obligations in life, I don’t have time to commit to a training schedule in the gym.


Trust us, we know the importance of time. Our online training options are designed to give you workouts to fit your personal schedule. If you have 15 minutes to train on Tuesdays before your evening class, then we have a 15-minute workout to help you meet your fitness goals. Remember, your online training program is designed for your specific fitness needs.

I Need Motivation!

I can’t work out by myself; I need someone to motivate me.  Personal trainers don’t help you; they just have a video showing you how to do the exercise. 


The Pure Quality Fit Club program trainers will motivate you and communicate with you via our app, on the phone, via zoom or in person! If you live in the Delaware Valley region, we encourage you to train with us in at least 2-3 in-person sessions in our gym.  You will receive accountability support via the trainers and via other resources like our Facebook group.

Do I Have To Stick To A Schedule?

The beauty of online training is you have the flexibility to train according to your schedule.  You’re totally in charge of your fitness schedule.  Actually, doing the work is important. Stick to that and you will be fine!


No matter what your day has in store for you, you can plan your workouts around your schedule. The key is to make sure you do your workouts as planned. Try not to skip a day and fall behind.

Is This Program Affordable?

In-person training can be very expensive. Is this program affordable?


Yes, this program is affordable. We have several training packages to fit your financial needs. Most of our monthly fees are less than cost of a one hour in-person training session. Our packages vary. Some include meal plans, apps and other features. Currently, we are offering a 4-week ad 8-week Virtual Training Program for $99!

How and When Will I See Results?

I know it takes time to see results with an in-person trainer. Can I expect the same amount of time with online training?


Just like with in-person training, what you put into it is what you get out of it. Unlike other online training programs, we design programs specifically to meet your fitness goals and we are personally with you every step!

Our Fit Club program offers a fitness app to help further track your goals, health and fitness journey. We will sign you up on the app after your assessment. In addition, you will also view and receive videos, PDF’s and print outs of exercises with instructions (specifically for your fitness needs) to make sure you’re executing them correctly.  Have questions, you can send us a message via the app too!

How Can I Register and Pay?

Your registration and assessment appointment will be taken over the phone once we confirm receipt of payment.

There are several ways you can pay. You can Pay via CashApp $PureQualityFitness or via PayPal at 

After you submit payment, call to speak with one of our trainers at 267-587-7348. They will assist you with registration, additional payment options or scheduling your pre-assessment conference call to get you started on your fitness goals!

We don’t want you to click through a sea of webpages with additional links to purchase a ton of items! We want to get started on this journey with you. In order to do that we need to SPEAK with you directly! Call now to speak with a trainer to start your new you NOW! Call 267-587-7348.  

There are limited spaces so register today!